Map 27th - 30th September 2019 

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NORTH, SOUTH, EAST + WEST routes. Click on the map to enlarge it and to see a Dunoon STREET MAP.
Glide over the list for artists’ details. Click to select one and see more of their work.

This map supersedes the one in the brochure which was found to contain a number of errors. A replacement map is available separately from brochure outlets and members. You can also download the map as a PDF here

1. Three at Cairndow
2. Catherine Gray & Elaine Broadbent at Pinetrees-Craft-Gallery-Gift-Shop
3. Derek Prescott
4. Sarah Ross Thompson
5. Sheila Rodger at GlencairnStudio
6. Ceci Alderton
7. Irene Florence
8. Mary Taylor
9. Marie Briggs
10. Jim Owens & Grace Donnelly at Bothy-Studio
11. Guy-Elder
12. Jackie Stevenson
13. Frank Stephenson
14. James O'Neil
15. Lynda Beer
16. Kirsty Husband
17. Moira Ferguson Holy-Loch-Pottery-Kilmun
18. Natalie Sedgwick @ Lapwing Designs
19. Carole Patrick at Tartan-Wild
20. Pauline Beautyman - Sea-Drift-Pottery
21. Karen Komurcu at Lino-cut-Lassie
22. Hannah Spicer
23. Bonita Ellmore at Cedarbank-Studio
24. Anne Armstrong
25. Lorna Morrish at Lorna's Handwoven Tapestries.
26. Paddy Allen
27. Anthea Gage RSW & Ylva Saleem at the Cedars-Gallery
28. Marij Van Helmond
29. Derek Farrar at Fynewood
30. Elizabeth Polland & Dorothy Graham
31. Ann Baxter
32. Deb Wing at Kenyon-Villa-Studio
33. Antony Clarkson at Athole-House-Studio
34. David Atherton
35. Brian Phillips
36. Tiffany Kendra
37. Lorna Ahlquist
38. Michaela & Chris Goan at Seatree-Argyll
39. Susan M Turmeau
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