Jane Delaford-Taylor

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South Route No.29
The Kelpie; gouache and pencil work.The Selkies; oil and glaze on canvas.
Ancient Roar; oil on canvasHaunts of Herne; oil on canvas.Lights on the Echaig; oil on canvas.
Fairy Pools; oil and gold leaf on canvas.Lightseekers; oil on canvas.Golden Glen; oil and gold leaf on canvas.
Kingfisher Diving detail; oil on canvas.Northern Lights; oil on canvas.Pure Water; oil on canvas.
As an experienced painter and illustrator, Jane creates vivid dream-like pieces inspired by Scottish folklore and wildlife. Her colourful, flowing style is popular with collectors and sells internationally.
Website: www.janedelafordtaylor.com     Email: chalicewell@hotmail.co.uk
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