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Visit Cowal and see the parts that others donít get to see. 


Visit Cowal and see the parts that others don’t get to see!

Many professional artists - painters, potters, printmakers, sculptors, textile artists, glass artists and jewellers - who work on the Cowal peninsula in the midst of the Argyll countryside, open their doors to visitors on four days of the year which, in 2019, are 27 - 30 September (plus other times by appointment).

The venues are varied with perhaps a few artists working in garrets, but most working in whatever spaces they can find whether these be purpose-built studios, adapted garages, specially built sheds, cupboards, kitchen tables, spare rooms, backrooms, huts, barns…. often with views to die for.

And the art is as varied as the venues; intricate small-scale jewellery to paintings in miniature or on a grand scale. Many different uses of textile materials and plenty to see in wood, glass and ceramics. You are sure to be surprised and check out the catalogue to see who might be providing workshops or demonstrations.

In addition, there is a members’ taster exhibition running throughout September at ‘Fynewood’ on Hamilton Street in Dunoon (see catalogue for detailed address) and, at the Dunoon Burgh Hall ‘Journey Time’, an invited artists’ show featuring new work by Melanie Chmielewska (sculpture), Wendy Kershaw (Ceramicist) and Jean Martin (Painter).

Brochures are available locally in various locations including ‘Fynewood’, the Dunoon Burgh Hall and many shops, or by contacting the Chairperson, David Atherton (davidatherton27@btinternet.com)

New members are welcome for 2020 - simply contact the Chairperson, as above, or speak to members.

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